About me


Cit. Cast incredible emotions.

Cit. What you gave me today is what I needed on a gray day.

Cit. Even you are very young you have a very great skill, you are really a poet and an artist.

Cit. In your show there really is everything is a spectacular magic, "Merchant of gravity" is wonderful.

Cit. Gravity for him is an option he manages to bring out the good from everyone and everything.

Words of people, who saw the show of Nicholas "Merchant of gravity" and let themselves be carried away by the kindness and naturalness of his show. Children, teenagers and adults have inspired and strengthened the work of this artist and brought him to where he is now. With a performance he manages to capture and bring the audience into a world where laws of nature do not exist but there is only wonder.

Starting juggling when he was 10, Niccolò experimented with various objects, up until the age of 16 when he met a street artist named Simone Al Ani who made him discover the universe of spheres and circles, now they work together.

The choice of objects is not random. The spheres are more complex, they symbolize a mystical energy that exists in every living being and that binds us all, they also symbolize purity, joy and love, while the circles are more mystical and represent the YIN and the YANG. Spheres and circles are aesthetically simple objects but in their simplicity lives perfection.

What distinguishes this artist from many others are the emotions that he transmits to the public and the bond that he creates between himself, the public he objects.

I think that in life if you look only with your eyes, the image you look at will take away your imagination from the same image, and this is why I try, with my shows, to push viewers to look with the heart.